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Joshua Plutchik

Personal Profile

As a student at New York University, my studies center on the intersection of psychology, media, and communication. 

I am engaged in clinical psychology research, focusing on mood and anxiety disorders, LGBTQ-affirming therapies, mindfulness-based interventions, and eating disorder treatment. I am dedicated to fostering awareness around research initiatives. To this end, I continue to assist in data collection, analysis, scholarly writing, and interactive media design.

Previously, I facilitated operations as the managing editor of Under the Arch, the magazine at Washington Square News. I also developed and oversaw the branding strategy of Caring for Caregivers NYC, an organization that provided pro-bono mental health treatment to NYC frontline physicians and nurses during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an attempt to traverse the mind and media, I use photography to communicate individuality in expression and emotion through my lens—endorsing an innovative and collaborative approach in my work.





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